Deo in Azoth

by Sirhk

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First offering from Norwich based Experimental Black Metal project.

The album traces the spiritual journey of the Initiate Alchemist;

The simultaneous transmutation of matter and the soul of the alchemist into an immortal substance. This is achieved through a repeated cycle of experimental procedures.

Each track represents a different phase of the alchemical procedure.
The final phase will always fail until the initiate can proceed without any hope of succeeding.


released November 28, 2012

Sirhk ~ Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Digeridoo, Incantations.
Askr (of Niroth, Grimace) ~ Drums on Amalgamation and Calcination.



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Sirhk Norwich, UK

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Track Name: Amalgamation
In a holding of branches,
Vessels and ways that shift are pressed together
The sky, a thin grey skin which moves over these bones.

In a moulding of sand,
Blood is the river of the world
Moulded in these hands
The sea is a lidless cauldron now boiling over.

The confluence of elements is arranged and Mercury folds in around this node.
Conjoining in harmony.
Conjoining by natures force.
Conjoining in deafening harmony.
Natures’ violence is guiltless
All are born in this crucible
Track Name: Calcination
And at once I am lost
In the purging white Fire of inception,
Untold heat warping neurons, synapses shriek in blind subservience
Purgatory on a fiery wheel,
A wheel made of bones we pulled from those we loved.
Lust and guilt have brought us to this circle.

Drive away the volatile to make the substance pure.
Drive away all volatile thought, this immolated mind must be pure.

Flame consume these bodies, their orbits now closed to a singularity
Untold heat flaying neurons, synapses sing with new sight and perish
Leaving fine dry powder.
Track Name: Coagulation
(Awake in a desert of lead and sulphur
An arid land of poisoned air.
The circling vultures coalesce
Into one black wind)

The sky is heaving
As they crack their own necks
Stomach fluids spilling
From bodies flayed and falling

A shrieking mass of bone, flesh and feathers reeking of blood
,shit and semen
Their bodies are driven together by the frenzy of the flock
Diving and churning..

Rushing to pulverise life’s machine
Choking on the feathers of their young
Diving and churning..

Come tornado, come unholy wind
In this lacerating storm thoughts become crystalline:
A mergence with the ego.
The sky itself is diving.

Diving and coming to earth.

The sky is shrieking as they crack their own necks
Stomach fluids spilling from torn bodies
Night falls
The flock, twitching and gargling
Cools from molten fluids, seeping into earth.
Track Name: Conjunction
Yoke together.
The quintessence,
In ultimate blackness.

Heaven is flayed from self loathing,
Fallen and soaked into pores of the earth.

The emperor is dead in his throne, the law is dead in its pages.
Society and intellect will rot and nurture only flies.

The wheel turns onwards.
Gold and silver, sun and moon,
Dissolve in mercury and emerge as one.
The wheel turns onwards.

We pray now to the binary choice.
And as ever will fall to neither.


The weak will be maimed and fragmented, cast upon a frozen sea.
The strong will take a throne of thorns and crowned by darkness,
Rot in gluttony
Track Name: Impregnation
Interpenetration, saturation, impregnation:

These produce divine volumes
Where space is divided regularly
And excels at its perfect edge.

Journey into the cave, vagina of the earth mother,
inside the rocks are embryonic
The temporal rhythm moves them as they gestate and grow

They grow ripe in this telluric darkness.
Aeons move them slowly towards perfection.

Crystals grow in the womb of the earth.
No light or warmth can reach them here
Where they are nurtured only by the passing of minerals.
Track Name: Precipitation
The journey is fraught with tangled mirrors
And windows which open to lies
When the sky opens its mouth
The world seems to eat the naive heart
And it is your fears that crowd the surface of the lake.

As light plays on the surface we are blinded to the depth
Once submerged, the blackness becomes sight.
We cascade blindly to the point of entry
We fall as blind as rain until death.
Track Name: Purification
Sifting and cleansing.

Defilement and imperfection are cast out.

Teasing out the soul from the muscle and the marrow,

Withdrawn from contact with the body,

Consciousness becomes accustomed to the cold of space.

The soul concentrates itself by itself and has its own dwelling,

Free from the shackles of blood
Track Name: Reverberation
Zeitgeber ..
driven back by reflected heat

There is something unbending in me,
Saturated, it paws.
Its pours drink me.
It soaks in the tub of me,
In the bony mangrove of my chest.
It gargles the blackening pressure
Of simultaneous thought.

Zeitgeber ..
driven back by reflected heat

There is something lying to this telescope.
A bended light,
Sibilance of colour,
The soft slump of a photon bedding down,
Whispering to the retina sweet nothings and
“There is always time
To change your mind”

Zeitgeber ..
Track Name: Solution
( entropic dissipation )
Track Name: Sublimation
Falling iron.
Cracks erupt like flowing roots.

Black tentacles of void, an answer to the burden of freedom.
Shifting interference, a thousand screaming daemons.

Trap my limbs and force me to dance
Rattling in a spasm of worship
Trap my limbs and force me to dance
We crumple as steam ruptures our ecstatic forms
In manifestation of suppressed desires the coin will fall.
Just as these mountains of bones, a congregation,
buckle as one into white hot gas.
Becoming vapour, surging upward. Satanic bliss.

A manifestation of suppressed desires.
Within these ten fiends the convict is finally released.
Writhing apart in a mess of offal, eyes glinting a joyful malice.

The node is forced out into independent thought as the collective collapses under its own mass.
Track Name: Volitilisation
~ The vacuum of your own soul ~